This past Saturday, April 14th, Crosby Trucking held an Employee Appreciation BBQ at the Frontier Culture Museum of VA. We had an awesome turnout!  Thank you to all of our employees and their families who came out and enjoyed this beautiful Virginia Saturday with us. It was nearly 80° without a cloud in the sky — we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

During the BBQ we celebrated several of our employees and their accomplishments from last year (2017). They are as follows:

◊  Years of Service Awards

  •   5 Years   –  Mike Caplette  ♦  Pontius Hines  ♦  John Painter  ♦  Bill Malott  ♦  Ray Puffenbarger
  • 10 Years   –  Tim Houff  ♦  Larry Purcell
  • 15 Years   –  Adam Fishel
  • 30 Years   –  Steve Link

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